REAP Street Art Fest

Rough Edges Art Productions, a new arts organization incorporated in Windsor, is the brainchild of Sarah Mckay and Pat Fahy. The two worked together on producing the 3rd Annual Rough Around The Edges show at the Windsor Art Center in 2012 and decided to team up to make new and experiential art part of what is happening in town.


REAP, as it is known, has already produced a One Night Stand at the Dirt Salon in Hartford as well as figure drawing, printmaking and CRIT workshops. Right now the organization is gearing up for its pop up art fest called REAP Street which will take place on three blocks of side walk along Broad Street, September 21, from 3-7 PM. The event will include art installations in store windows, film, and performances. Window installations as of this writing are scheduled for the Plaza building, Dr. Steve Lipman's office and Windsor Federal. Performance art will include puppets, unicycle, robots, music, Shakespeare, theater, break dancing and more. Local and regional artists will be part of the day.

REAP will hook up its pop up art fest with Envisionfest which is also arts happening in Hartford the same day. Plans are underway to line Rte. 159 into downtown Hartford with Wheat Paste Posters. If you are interested in volunteering for REAP Street or would like to have your art considered you can contact 860-688-7525 for additional information.

Plans are also underway for REAP Reels a two day film fest at the historic Plaza Theater on April 18, 19, 2014. Filmmakers are invited to submit experimental and narrative films up to 15 minutes in length for consideration. Guidelines can be found on the organization’s web site at or you can visit us on Facebook at Rough Edges Art Productions.

For additional information about getting involved as a volunteer or artists please contact Sarah McKay at 860-428-9793or Pat Fahy at 860-688-7525. See you on the 21st of September in downtown Windsor.