Students to Learn Medical Sciences First-Hand at Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital

CREC's Medical Professions and Teacher Preparation Academy in Windsor offers students unique, hands-on experiences in the fields of education and medical services. Ninth and tenth grade students enrolled in an Introduction to Medical Science class will have one such opportunity on Thursday, October 24th, when they travel to the Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital on Blue Hills Avenue in Hartford.


In preparation for the trip, Gary Naples, a Physical Therapist from Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital visited the school and introduced the students to the disciplines of rehabilitation, including showing students how to use some of the tools of the trade. He demonstrated how a physical therapist can move a patient's muscles with electrical impulses, and he allowed the students to operate an electrolarynx, which is a medical device used to produce clearer speech by those who have lost their voice box, often as a result of lung cancer.

During the interim weeks, students continued their academic study of the field of rehabilitation. The trip to the Rehabilitation Hospital will be the culminating event for the course.

At the Rehabilitation Hospital, the 44 students enrolled in the class will visit stations where they will participate in activities run by staff at the hospital. Example stations include working with a Dynamometer Grip Strength Machine, which is used for strength testing of the hand and forearm muscles, testing a GAITRite Mat, which is used for evaluating gait, and learning about how video games like the Nintendo Wii gaming system are used in rehabilitation for sports. Students will then have the opportunity to tour areas of the hospital. Students will be accompanied by Christine Holley, the school's medical professions theme coach, and two chaperones from the school.

CREC's Medical Professions and Teacher Preparation Academy has a continuing partnership with Saint Francis Hospital that provides for work-based learning experiences for our students grades 6-12. Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital is a Saint Francis Care Provider. Collaborative activities are designed to expose students to the diversity of career options that are available in the medical field. During their junior and senior year, students in the medical tract will participate in job-shadow experiences and internships at local hospitals and medical centers.