Clover Street School celebrates Reading

Families, students and staff members from Clover Street School celebrated Read-Across-America Day on Monday, March 3rd. 


The day’s special events began with ‘Bagels and Books for Breakfast’.  All families were invited to attend breakfast before the regular school day began.  To keep it fun, students and staff were allowed to wear pajamas and/or dress in red & white or ‘Dr. Suess wear’ for the day.  The Cat in the Hat was even in attendance! 

After eating breakfast, students picked out a book (to keep for their home library) and began reading it with their guest in the gym.  From 9:00-9:30 D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) was held and the entire school population (along with parents who were able to join) lined the gym, main and side hallways and auditorium for 30 minutes of uninterrupted reading.  Everyone was so captivated by their books; you could’ve heard a pin drop!

Clover’s special day ended with each of the 15 grade 3-5 classrooms having a visitor come in to read them a book.  Visitors were from the Board of Education, Town Council, Central Office (including Interim  Superintendent, Dr. Craig Cooke), Windsor Police Dept. (5 officers came—one was Chief Searles) and the Honorable Judge Lavine from Hartford’s Appellate Court. 

Many readers not only took the time to read aloud to the students, but also shared why reading is important in their lives and answered questions about their jobs in the community.  Having these guests was a great way to end Clover Street School’s extraordinary day of celebrating reading!