Raining Cats and Dogs Auction

On Friday, May 23rd , the Raining Cats and Dogs painted animals will go up for auction at historic Grace Church on the green in Windsor, CT. This is your chance to own one of twenty-three exciting artistic creations and to display it proudly in or around your home, in your garden, on your front porch or at your place of business while supporting the Windsor Education Foundation and Windsor Chamber of Commerce. Tickets are $25 per person, which includes a buffet dinner and bidding paddle for the auction. A few select items will be available in addition to the imaginatively decorated dogs and cats. Proceeds benefit the Windsor Education Foundation and the Windsor Chamber of Commerce.

Raining Cats and Dogs has been a six month long event including the public art exhibition of the amazing painted dogs and cats at sponsor locations and the popular Animal Hunt contest, in which a $500 cash prize was given to one lucky winner.”  The grand finale, the Raining Cats and Dogs Auction, will take place on May 23rd at Grace Church on Broad Street in Windsor.

All twenty-three beautiful art cats and dogs will be available for purchase at the auction. Meet the sponsors and artists who will be happy to discuss the ideas behind their designs.  Over sixty artists submitted designs. Twenty-three designs were chosen by the businesses and private citizens who sponsored the animals.

Once the chosen artists got their hands on their cat or dog forms, their creativity flowed and some incredibly unique creations came about.  Some prime examples are the standing dog named Honor who is a tribute to the artist's father, a bull terrier named Bull Bradley, Buster with a Star on His Tail is a beautiful rendition created by famed artist Joe Sam, and Carousel Kitty, a lovable standing cat made to look like a carousel animal. All the animals are amazing!  Come and see this fun art exhibit up for auction and take home a piece of artwork for your own.

For more information and to buy tickets to the auction, please go to www.WindsorEducationFoundation.org or www.WindsorCC.org