Brightening Windsor Center with Banners

Have you noticed an extra splash of color around town this spring? The new light pole banners are up in the center of town, welcoming people to Windsor.  Through a collaboration between First Town Downtown (FTDT), the Town of Windsor and the Windsor Chamber of Commerce, the "Brighten Windsor Center" banner program has begun, offering local businesses the chance to support the community year-round.


Walk around the center of town and you'll see the lovely dark blue banners with colors of swirling maroon, yellow, orange and white featuring Windsor on one side, and banners featuring the Shad Derby festival on the other. Underneath are hanging banners featuring sponsor names.

If you know of a business or organization that might like to sponsor a slice starting this summer (all the spring sponsors are sold out) have them contact First Town Downtown at 860-688-5715 or go to