Summer Reading Has Begun

Each year, we love promoting and getting geared up at the library for our annual summer reading program. But you may not be familiar with it. What does it mean exactly? How is it different from fall reading or spring reading? Isn’t reading just reading for reading’s sake, dear readers?

The answer may be a bit more complicated. We strive every year to get kids and teens (and adults!) to participate in our summer reading program, to help them develop into lifelong learners, and to inspire them to contribute in some way to the culture of the library. Yes, because it’s fun, but much more importantly because research has shown that engaged learning during the summer is critical to a student’s academic success during the school year. When the school doors close, there are students who do not read or learn for over two months during summer break. That is a long time for someone’s brain to lie dormant. So long, in fact, that it culminates in an incidence many call the “summer reading slide”, in which a student’s performance in school suffers from the lack of stimulation over the summer. This is where the library comes in. We have phenomenal, exciting programs, opportunities for working with peers, and of course our exciting collection of reading materials.

This summer, we invite you to join in our summer reading program because it means more than picking up a book during the season. It means connecting, learning, participating. Travel to the faraway lands of Hogwarts, Wonderland, or Camp Half-Blood. Learn Elvish or Dothraki.   Meet your new friends Hazel, Augustus, and Isaac. This summer, read.