Small tornado nicks Windsor

A small tornado nicked Windsor, Monday, 1:28pm, ripping off tobacco nets and damaging some fields to the North of the intersection of Kennedy Road and Route 91. It also danaged structures around Haydent Station road, before moving to Windsor Locks where it brought down trees and damaged a number of homes.

 The tornado, which a preliminary estimate is that it registered as a magnitude 1 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale ripped the roof off a warehouse on Hayden Station road, an indication that winds around the touchdown locations reached 90-100 miles per hour.

In Windsor Locks, transformers exploded on South Center Street substation, while        numerous trees were downed on Preston, Raymond, and Old County roads. Similar damage sustained trees and homes on Alicia Terrace, South Center Street, and in the area at the intersection of route 20 and I-91. During the peak of the storm, debris were blown onto cars and houses, and atone point a 44 foot box tTruck with a 34000 lb load was stopped on route 20 near I-91 by heavy rain.

Still, Windsor Locks First Selectman Steven Wawruck said Monday afternoon, that the town was lucky, with no injuries reported at the time of the interview - around 3:00 pm.

Windsor Locks Emergency Management Department Director Victor J. Puia, said that the tornade hit the area behind the Public Works Department and the southe tip of the town. More than 1,000 homes were without electricity at that time, he calculated, but emergency teams were already on the road, moving debris and cutting branches and  trees that posed danger. He expected that by late afternoon more than 30 CL&P teams would be in town, working to restore power to those affected.