Windsor Police Officers Honored

Five Windsor Police Department officers were recognized during the 18th Annual U.S. Attorney's Office Awards
Ceremony, that was held on March 8, in New Haven. The officers were involved in two major investigations that were completed last year, and were honored for their exceptional work during law enforcement operations. According to U.S. Attorney District of Connecticut David Fein, the work of Detective Renee LeGeyt, Detective Michelle Neary, Officer Anthony Valenti and Captain Thomas LePore was crucial in solving a series of five 2008 bank robberies in Berlin, Windsor, and Higganum. In each case the robbers would enter the bank, order at gunpoint customers and employees to the floor, and force tellers to empty their drawers. On each
occasion, the robbers were able to get away.


Not for long, however. After
a July 2008 robbery, the Berlin
police department recovered a
lot of physical evidence, which
included a mask and hat from
the drive through lane, which
found to have DNA from two
brothers that were already
known to the departments. The
Windsor Police Department,
investigating two September
robberies from a New Alliance
Bank, was able to build enough
evidence against the two robbers
for an arrest warrant.
During its execution WPD PD
found parts of a disguise that
was used, cash, and a bb gun.
Important for the investigation
was that both police
departments carefully collected
and researched the cellular
phones of both brothers when
they were arrested. Those
phones were subsequently used
to identify co-conspirators and
to gather-cell site data, which
in turn was critical evidence
showing the presence of the
brothers and their co-conspirators
near the banks at the time
of the robberies. Both robbers
were convicted to lengthy sentences.
“The case is a perfect example
of cooperative policing,
among the Windsor and Berlin
Police Departments and the
FBI,” Fein commented.
In the second case, dubbed
“Operation Northern Strike,”
WPD Officer Russell Winniger
was recognized for his contribution
in targeting drug trafficking
organizations associated
with the AVE street gang
that controlled the drug trade
in certain neighborhoods in
Hartford's North End and
were directly responsible for
numerous acts of violence associated
with gang activity and
drug trafficking.
According to the U.S.
Attorney, the investigation conducted
by the FBI, DEA,
Hartford Police Department
and Connecticut State Police
spanned more than fifteen
months and included wiretaps
over nine telephones, the
seizure of approximately 4 kilograms
of crack cocaine, $14,000
in drug proceeds, 26 firearms,
and the disruption and dismantling
of multiple gangbased
Drug Trafficking
Organizations. The extensive
and successful investigation led
to the convictions of 37 defendants
for federal narcotics and
firearm offenses.
“We are grateful for the contributions
they and their colleagues
make every day, honore
dto work alongside them as
partners and delighted to
honor their accomplishments
as they help to ensure the safety
and security of this District
and our Nation,” Fein said.
The Office of U.S. Attorney
handles hundreds of cases
every year, and equally many
are the police departments
around the state and the police
officers than are involved in
these investigations. For
Windsor to have five police
officers recognized for their
work in a single year is a major
achievement. Congratulations
to all.